Il Dreams Containers Festival parte il 18 agosto dalla Grecia!

Dreams Traces Travelling Festival
parte dalla Grecia!

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18 e 19 Agosto 2021
presso Theatro ton Agron, Kyparissi

Un festival teatrale internazionale con la partecipazione di gruppi da Grecia, Polonia, Danimarca, Italia e Spagna

Nella cornice del progetto cooperativo Creative Europe dal titolo “Dreams Traces Travelling Containers”.


18 Agosto 2021

OMMA STUDIO theatre (Grecia)
“The dance of fire”

Drammaturgia: Antonis Diamantis – Irene Koutsaki
Regia: Antonis Diamantis
Scenografia: Kostas Makakis
Assistente alla regia: Danai Trigoni e Maria Galinou
Tecnico: Ilias Starras
Interpreti: Antonis Diamantis, Irene Koutsaki, Maria Galinou

Dream is not something tangible. It doesn’t have time and gives the impression that lasts only for one moment. But how can a dream make theatre “Omma Studio” last for 30 years? This is because the people who do theatre in “Omma Studio” are tangible, real and they, themselves, are the dream. Thus, the time becomes timeless, perpetual and the space of creation is the space of the dream. It doesn’t matter if the space is fluctuating and from a small crack is turned into a gap. This dream pierces everywhere. It has for its components: vision, faith, love and freedom. These are the components of Omma Studio Theatre for the last 30 years and they will be the same for another 30 years. These are presented in the performance for the Dreams traces project, since they exist inside a Dream Container, which makes people travel in order to learn the meaning of life and at the same time… their selves… exactly what we do in Omma Studio Theatre.

“Il Paese della Speranza”

Regia e scenografia: Marco Nateri
Testo: Angelo Calabrese
Interpreti: Lucia Bendia, Ivan Castiglione, Gabriele Di Stadio, Domizia Russo

A red thread. Four actors on stage. The story. The voices. Images that flow faded on a veil. We share with the public a work that unites in scenic fiction, the true testimonies of the migrants of yesterday and today. Cesira, Concetta, Camillo, Ahmed, Raza, A father, a son. We have sewn together the fragments of lives as frames of emotions that tell of defeats, fears, desires. We tell an imaginary circle of lives that slip into each other linked by a red thread, that is the duty of memory.

„To be heard”

Coreografie: Bartek Woszczyński
Ballerini: Dominika Stróżewska and Bartek Woszczyński
Musiche: Atmo Music Productions

The performance was inspired by the stories of people who left their home and followed their dreams. Some of them were fulfilled and some of them were abandoned. Some of the dreams changed and some of them are still just the dreams. The performers are suspended in hypothetical, surreal space where all of the stories personify. The relationship between them keep changing like the stories that they read. It is about searching and letting go. It is about leaving and arriving. It is about fear and overcoming it. It is about dependency and independency. It is about loneliness and longing. Since each journey has its own reason, its own path, its own beginning and its own ending; each story is ambivalent – has both the bright and dark sites. But what is the journey? Is it only the physical moving from one place to another or maybe it is a state of mind? Are the performers only portraying other people’s journeys or maybe they are also experiencing their own individual journeys at the same time? Will you set off on a journey with us? Or maybe you are in some journey already?

19 August 2021

“Roots from the sky”
(The girl that got into a suitcase and appeared in “P”)

Basato sulla storia vera di Isabel Silva dalla Guinea Bissau
Interpreti: João Carlos Silva y Michelle Marie Rodríguez
Regia: Carolina Pizarro
Assistente alla regia: Gabriela Arancibia
Set design: Francesca Tesoniero
Testi: Benjamín Slavutzky
Una coproduzione Ikarus Stage Arts – Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium

“One day, in a hot country with red earth, the trees started to get sick and the girl,
not knowing how to take care of them, decided to leave her country in order to find a
But when she arrived to that new land, something bigger started to blossom within
her and her desires were swept by the river.
Her boy, now a man, collects dreams and put them in a box to send them to his

TNT Centro international de Investigacion Teatral, Sevilla (Spagna)
“Travesía contra el miedo”

Regia: Juana Casado
Interpreti: Inma ‘La Carbonera’, Ana Salazar, Mario Salas

“Hoy many people risk his or her life to take a chance to improve their lives? Thousands of people testify that they have fought against fear with their desire to exist and continue day by day, fighting against the violation of human rights in their origin countries. It is about something as human as reaching the territory that will make us better as human beings, which is a feeling that we all keep under our skins. In this way, we will see what it is that ties us to the land that has seen us grow up.”